Noble Crow

by Mary Atkinson

Noble crow
your tracks
follow you in the snow
step after step

Are there
no kernals of corn
nor berries from the tree?

And spring’s fat worms
stay buried in the earth

Take these
my crusts of bread
with strawberry jam:
a winter’s breakfast
on your tablecloth of snow

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve been writing stories, poems, and plays from the time I could hold a pen. I started keeping a diary in third grade and haven’t stopped since.

When I was five-years old, my uncle gave me A Child’s Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was the first book I had for my very own. I was already skipping around to nursery rhymes, but that book introduced me to poetry. When, in fifth grade, we had to memorize a poem every week, I never complained!

For many years I was a teacher. I loved working with my students, but a life of writing and raising my own children kept tugging at my sleeve. I decided to work at home as a freelance writer and give time to my own writing.

Poetry workshops in schools and libraries allow me to have the best of both worlds — kids and writing! I also enjoy nature, hiking, yoga, and spending time with my husband, daughter, son, and friendly black lab, Gabby.

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